Mimico Cruising Club: truly an urban oasis

The Mimico Cruising Club is located in the idyllic stretch of Humber Bay Park West. Whether or not you have a penchant for nautical adventures, you will no doubt be delightfully surprised by its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Mimico Cruising Club
source: http://mimicocruisingclub.com/

“First and foremost, the location and the grounds. While only a couple of blocks from busy Lakeshore, it’s been called ‘an oasis in the city’ and there’s a very good reason why,” says Michael Power,  sailor and member since 2008.

MCC’s grounds are not only aesthetically pleasing but also nestled against restored wildlife habitat for fish, flora, butterfly and migratory birds.  It’s an oasis for all, not just urbanites.

“I’ve been a member since 2008 when I first moved to Toronto. I had a boat that needed a home. The year before, while visiting on business, I got invited out for a sail by a member and thought the place remarkable. I really didn’t think about another club when it came time to find one,” recalls Power.

Mimico Cruising Club
source: http://mimicocruisingclub.com/

The “post-and-beam clubhouse design reflects the character of a park setting and was officially opened in 1984…We have grown from 250 members in 1979 to nearly 500, with docking facilities for 302 boats up to 49ft. (LOA) and dry sailing with a crane, for dinghies and keel boats to 3000 lbs.” [source: Mimico Cruising Club]

I’ve had the pleasure of sailing with Michael for a number of years now and continue to learn and discover more about the joys of sailing.  And when cycling to the club from downtown,  there are so many changing vignettes in the surrounding  areas of High Park and Sunnyside you get to appreciate; the Martin Goodman Trail takes you straight to their door.

Mimico Cruising Club
source: http://mimicocruisingclub.com/

So if you’re an urban sailor on the market for a new slip, Michael offers a tip, “Looking for a club? Get engaged. It’s a community with everyone having a common interest of being on the water. I’m always amazed at the variety of people you meet and their backgrounds. With regular membership turnover (as with anything else, people retire from boating just as others get into it), you’re always meeting new people.”

And if you’re a an adventurous landlubber longing for something new,  take note: “those wanting to try sailing should contact the club and see if anyone’s looking for crew — whether for cruising or racing. It’s a great introduction to a very different way to experience Toronto. Then you can determine if you want to take sailing courses (the Humber College Sailing School is next door) or eventually get your own boat.”


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