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CycleTO’s Tuesday Tune-ups

Saw the tweet. Retweeted. And bolted right over to the parkette at Bloor and Castle Frank, along with a stream of cyclists eastbound flocking to the tune up tent.

CycleTO has been hosting Tune-Up Tuesdays all spring and summer. Today’s 3-hour event (5-8pm) had two bike technicians courtesy of Sweet Pete’s.  You get a free basic tune up, which includes air, oil and safety check,  as well as the chance to chat with the volunteers about what matters to cycling life in the city.

“We had great turn out at Poplar Plains last time with Bateman’s partnering with us,” says Rachel, one of the volunteers.  The volunteer team  on hand were welcoming and informative about CycleTO’s many engaging campaigns, including #minimumgrid.

“Oh but you should check out one of our Bike Valet stations in an upcoming event,” beams Kyla. “It’s always an awesome turn out! You sign in your bikes, we hand you a ticket and off you go. ” Next one I think is at Echo Beach for Molson Ampitheatre gigs.